What equipment do you use to shoot your content?

iPhone baby! (15 pro max). This is what helps set this new vendor apart from professional photo and video. Different feel, different style, all equally precious and important. Which brings me to my next point...

What about my photographer and videographer?

Thank you for asking! OF COURSE, you need them too! Wedding Content Creators do not serve as a replacement for these precious services, but as a supplement. It is so important to me that we all work together as a cohesive team... as in life, THIS is when the magic happens! FYI: your wedding content creator should always defer to photo and video for priority space during event coverage, and should make sure that respect for all team members' unique value is of utmost priority.

How would you describe your style?

Bright / clean / thoughtful / joyful / fresh / intentional

What if I don't live in San Diego?

I love to travel! Include your event location and date(s) in your inquiry and I will let you know my availability. In general, events >100 miles from San Diego require coverage for flights as well as accommodation for the # of applicable nights. (FYI: Chicago is one exception to this, as it is somewhere I always have a home with the people I love!)

When will I receive my content?

I deliver ALL RAW, unedited photo content (+ some edited highlights) via iCloud shared album link by the end of your reserved coverage time with me. Completed video content will be delivered within 24 hours, along with all complete photo edits.

Why do you do an hourly rate vs. specific packages?

My mission is to create a bespoke wedding content experience that is uniquely tailored to you. So far, every single one of my couples has had different goals for their day - rigid packages just don't fit their needs. With an all-inclusive rate, I feel we are able to promote not only more creative freedom for us both, but more flexibility for you based on your goals and budget!

What makes Cayley Creative different from other emerging Content Creators?

• I will upload all raw content, plus some edited highlights, to your iCloud album BEFORE I even leave your event, as opposed to the next day with the rest of the edited materials.
• My Adobe Lightroom presets, which I have been working on and fine-tuning for years, have a fresh and unique look which brings your edited content to the next level.
• Being a NICU nurse has shaped me into an individual that is committed to the tiniest of details, organization that could rival Khloe Kardashian's drink fridge (my personal goals), and the beautiful, emotional, wide range of feelings that come with the smallest of moments.

Alright, I'm intrigued. Where do I start?

YAY! Fill out my contact form, or send me an email at Bonus points if you include a photo of your cute pet in your inquiry email :)
I can't wait to meet you! XOXO, CC